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Roberto D'Alimonte (Author of Proporzionale se vi pare)

The Italian right-wing coalition led by Silvio Berlusconi is winning public support ahead of the elections. Both the Five Star Movement and center-left Democratic Party tied for second place with 78%. Sputnik discussed this with Roberto D’Alimonte, a professor of political science at the LUISS university in Rome and a top expert in electoral laws.

Migration in Italy is 'Certainly Big Issue and it Favors the Right...

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Sputnik: Why is the public savoring Silvio Berlusconi and what makes his platform appealing to Italian citizens now?

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Roberto D&rsquo Alimonte: People are very discontent, migration is certainly a big issue and it favors the right, and unemployment, particularly in the south. Italy is actually two countries, northern Italy is not doing badly, in northern Italy we are running at almost full employment, the real issue is southern Italy, and it's in southern Italy where Mr. Berlusconi with his coalition may win. There are two competing forces in southern Italy, one is Five Star and the other is Berlusconi, and discontent in the issue of migrations are the two forces that are helping, both Five Star and the center-right, particularly, in the south where unemployment is very high, particularly, among young people.

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Roberto D'Alimonte. Roberto D'Alimonte (1947) è un politologo e professore universitario. Dal 1974 fino al 2009 ha insegnato presso la Facoltà di Scienze Politiche C. Alfieri della Università degli... These seminars were well received, with Prof. D’Alimonte not just showing his knowledge of Italy, but providing...