«Floral tattoo Unterarm» . «Floral tattoo Unterarm».

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Some of our artists do walk ins when possible but others do not do walk ins. Some artists currently have waiting lists of about 8-5 months. Other artists may be available sooner.

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Sunflower: the sunflower was originally honoured by the ancient Incas civilization as a symbol of the sun god, due to its resemblance to the sun. This tattoo design is a common symbol for warmth, happiness, and creation.

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Chrysanthemum: this flower, which blooms in autumn, has come to symbolize the transition from life to death. It also represents royalty and perfection.

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South Korean tattoo artist Zihwa specializes in fine black and gray tattoos depicting mostly floral designs carefully crafted with subtle details and shading.

Cherry Blossom: common in Japanese style tattoos , the cherry blossom symbolizes empathy and an appreciation for the ephemeral. Since these flowers possess a delicate beauty that fades rapidly, they also serve as a reminder of one’s mortality.

Flowers have a language of their own, one that evokes beauty and peace to anyone who sees them. While a huge amount of flowers grace us, we value a certain few for their amazing beauty. Some are larger and frilly, some are small and simple, others are too skinny for the smallest bee, and still others can be hidden behind a wall of green clovers. As a result, unique flowers let tattoo artists flex their design muscles and create beautiful, unique floral tattoos. Since no two flowers grow the same, floral tattoos look different for every client! For today’s article, let’s talk about a non-traditional style of tattooing flowers. Rather than stick to normal American tattoo style, floral tattoos take inspiration from the works of artists. With a little bit of lidocaine cream and creativity, anyone can wear one of these beautiful works of art.

Daisy: opening and closing with the sun’s rise and fall, the daisy was named after the expression, “day’s eye,” and has long been associated with modesty and simplicity. Daisies, like several other flower breeds, have different meanings depending on the colour of the flower petals. We’ve listed them below:

Hibiscus: in Japan, the hibiscus represents gentleness, while in Hawaii, it represents royalty, power and respect.

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Goyo's fine black and grey works are similar to that of Zihwa's, with hers focusing mostly on both flora and fauna-inspired pieces.



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