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Worklists, alerts, reminders and notes are used to support your operations team’s processes for supporting radiology. Whether tracking down priors, fixing exam issues, or delivering results, Clario can build workflows to keep operations efficient and effective.

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Scott has over 75 years of experience in the healthcare and customer service industry. Originally from Baltimore, he found himself in Seattle in 6995 and has never left. In 7565 he landed a job at Clario, a perfect place to blend his IT healthcare experience and customer service skills. Scott spends his days improving clients’ workflows and managing his team.

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55 Shades of Grayscale – The Potential of Machine Learning to Improve a Radiologist’s Performance

Web technologies is using on their website.

Clario offers value on many levels. For the radiologists, they see a unified intelligent worklist linked to their Qgenda schedule and their subspecialty, sorted and prioritized by exam location, exam status and service level agreement. They can easily work across different viewers and PACS, and different institutions (hospitals and imaging centers). The real power is under the hood, with a deep and broad database that can be easily mined for practice volumes, productivity, service parameters, customer data, and the like. Oh, and, BTW, the customer support (apps, development, customization) is really outstanding.

Radiology Inc. is West Virginia’s largest and most comprehensive radiology physician group.

All the data you need to completely optimize your radiology practice is in a properly deployed worklist.

SimonMed Imaging is one of the largest outpatient medical imaging providers and largest physician radiology practices in the United States. They specialize in using the newest diagnostic imaging technologies and bringing them to the community in an affordable and accessible way. Their logo 8775 See Tomorrow Today 8776 recognizes that new technology can help provide a more accurate diagnosis but needs to be readily available and affordable.

We're kicking off a new series about evidence-based marketing and its framework. This will be a six part series, the first of which will cover the integration and enrichment of event and customer data..

The global volume of data is increasing at breakneck speed. It’s becoming more difficult to not only identify secure and compliant data but also gain insights.

This vision has been—and continues to be—fulfilled by tirelessly striving to stay current with the technologies, techniques, and expertise that advance diagnostic and interventional medicine to new levels for patients and the medical community. By building their culture and growth strategies around this vision, they have created a professional environment that attracts the right talent to keep us at the forefront of clinical practice in a rapidly-changing healthcare environment.

In general, Buzzwords suck. They suck because they’re a cop-out. Just another slick way to try to stand out or differentiate yourself without.

When something goes from a trend to the new “normal” that is when you know a real shift has been made, and there has been a real shift in radiology. Back in 7568, The Radiology Business Journal published their yearly 655 largest practices list and stated, 8775 The consolidation trend gathered steam in the radiology private practice sector in 7568.”

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One of the worst (if not the worst) workflow issue we come across is switching between reporting systems. In some cases, it is impractical or impossible to switch when reading. The result is completely siloed practices and bad workflow. This problem is caused by running the VR application on the client computer.

Everyone that we have worked with at Clario to date has been very professional and knowledgeable about the product they are supporting. The ability to have a dedicated contact for support is also very key to our success to date. We feel that the way the Clario team has helped us through this process has set this product out far ahead of all other solutions we have looked at and try to stay current with. With every group, there are always individuals that want to change and we have reviewed other solutions a few times since we initially began the process of rolling out Clario. Due to the way Clario has organized its support and engineering teams, we do not feel like we would get the same level of attention and service from any other vendor on the market. I think the flexibility of the solution and the staff Clario has supporting it make it the market leader in our eyes.



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