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This is dangerous as fuck.
Ethidium bromide used in agarose gel electrophoresis is extremely carcinogenic.

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The First Avenue M65 bus and the crosstown M666 pass the Harlem DNA Lab facility. Several buses come uptown on Third Avenue. Click here for MTA Manhattan Bus Map.

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The students agree. Jason, an eleventh-grader, says the DNA-fingerprinting experiment reminds him of the murder mysteries he’s seen on TV shows like 98 Hours . “People lie all the time,” Jason says. “This seems like a good way to figure out who’s telling the truth.”

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I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a bachelor’s in Childhood and Special Education. After getting my degree I moved to Miami for the opportunity to teach (and for the beaches). Instead of being given an elementary class, I was thrown into the middle school to teach science. Although I minored in Environmental Science I was completely intimidated. However, after a few weeks I could no longer imagine myself teaching anything other than science–I loved it! My favorite part of teaching science was seeing the curiosity and excitement on my students’ faces during labs and hands-on activities.

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Two Lab Centers have been developed one for visitors to the DNALC and DNALC West, and one for visitors to the Harlem DNA Lab.

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Detecting Copy Number Variation
Copy number alterations (CNAs), somatic changes to chromosome structure that result in gain or loss in copies of sections of DNA, are very common in cancer and associated with particular cancer types. It is possible to detect copy number variation with dNTP limited PCR and melt curve analysis.

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No. Testing the mother typically yields a higher probability of paternity (thus is scientifically recommended), but it is not mandatory. The test may be conclusive without obtaining a sample from the mother however, it will require more analysis to provide conclusive results.

High-Speed Melting
Recent work details the effects of melting rate, amplicon size, and analysis method on small amplicon genotyping. Summarized in two publications, we conclude that faster rates improve melting analysis , just like faster rates improve PCR.

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In addition to having qualified analysts or scientists conducting the testing procedures and reporting, all of TheDNALAB’s legally-documented tests include identity verification with a strict Chain of Custody and inspection of all received packages to ensure proper sample handling.

When I came across the DNA Learning Center, I knew that this was a place where my firm belief that science is for everyone was shared. I found out that they wanted to develop a CRISPR course and would be hiring Educators and applied immediately! I’m excited to spend more of my time teaching and sharing science with students.

Jermel Watkins is in charge of this class, but not because he’s reciting a dry lecture or writing equations on a blackboard. Loud and large, Watkins patrols the room, passing out cups of salt water. And talking about waffles.

I learned many more programming languages once I transferred to Queens College, and tutored other students both through the computer science department and privately. I learned Python in order to help a physics professor at Queens College with his research on measuring the impact of certain factors on the sustainability of world peace. I am now working in the BioMedia Group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to develop tools to aid students in learning the many topics taught in the DNA Learning Center.



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