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McLeod Health 8767 s Urgent Care Centers have a dedicated staff who treat non-life threatening injuries and illnesses that require prompt care but do not pose an immediate, serious threat to your health or life.

Anxiety & OCD Behavioral Health Center | Munster, IN

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For over a decade Advanced Behavioral Health has consistently provided the Lake County community with the highest standard of mental health care to all those who seek assistance. A member of Psychology Today ABHC accepts most insurance companies.

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People, who do a lot of reaching over their head, and many older people end up with a bad rotator cuff in their shoulder.  McLeod Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Thomas DiStefano explains ways to treat this problem.

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The 7569-7575 flu season is set to begin earlier, last longer, and be more severe than usual.  Find a Flu Clinic near you.

When you’re experiencing a heart attack and EMS rushes you to the Emergency Department, the clock starts ticking. Research shows that it’s important to get you into angioplasty using a balloon to open the clogged arteries. McLeod records a 57-minute average 8775 Door-to-balloon time. 8776 That’s 88 minutes better than the national standard.

Acute surgical pain usually goes away at two to four weeks. That’s the period of time when almost everyone will need to take the opioid pain relievers mentioned earlier. Beyond that you’ll still have some soft tissue pain. After a knee replacement, your knee will feel warm and look red and swollen for about two to three months. Stiffness and soreness usually lasts three to six months before gradually subsiding. You’ll have full recovery about 67-68 months after your surgery.



Such is the case of 3D Mammography, now available at McLeod Health. TMC Behavioral Health Center treats thousands of adult and geriatric patients, from north Texas and southern Oklahoma with mental health services.