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Scheme's input and output is based on the port datatype. (R5RS sec ) 96 9 98 R5RS defines two default ports, accessible with the procedures current-input-port and current-output-port , which correspond to the Unix notions of standard input and standard output. Most implementations also provide current-error-port. Redirection of input and standard output is supported in the standard, by standard procedures such as with-input-from-file and with-output-to-file. Most implementations provide string ports with similar redirection capabilities, enabling many normal input-output operations to be performed on string buffers instead of files, using procedures described in SRFI 6. 96 85 98 The R6RS standard specifies much more sophisticated and capable port procedures and many new types of port.


In Scheme the primitive datatypes are disjoint. Only one of the following predicates can be true of any Scheme object: boolean? , pair? , symbol? , number? , char? , string? , vector? , port? , procedure?. (R5RS sec ) 96 9 98

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A familiar example of lexicology at work is that of dictionaries and thesauri. Dictionaries are books or computer programs (or databases) that actually represent lexicographical work, they are opened and purposed for the use of public.

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The fixed words constituting the idiom (in red) build a catena each time. Note that your is not part of the idiom in the first tree (tree a) because the possessor is variable, . He is pulling my/her/his/someone's/etc. leg. An important caveat concerning idiom catenae is that they can be broken up in the syntax, . Your leg is being pulled. The claim, however, is that these lexical items are stored as catenae in the lexicon they do not always appear as catenae in the actual syntax.

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the following grammar and the right sentential form, draw a parse
tree and show the phrases and simple phrases, as well as the handle.
S → aAb  bBA A → ab  aAB B → aB  b
a. aaAbb
b. bBab

The third token defines a word, illustrated by the regular expression read as “one or more occurrences of a character in the range of ‘A’ to ‘Z’ or ‘a’ to ‘z’ inclusive”:

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Computational semantics is focused on the processing of linguistic meaning. In order to do this concrete algorithms and architectures are described. Within this framework the algorithms and architectures are also analyzed in terms of decidability, time/space complexity, data structures that they require and communication protocols. 96 78 98

Understanding short texts is crucial to many applications, but challenges abound. First, short texts do not always observe the syntax of a written language. As a result, traditional natural language processing methods cannot be easily applied. Second, short texts usually do not contain suffi cient statistical signals to support many state-of-the-art approaches for text processing such as topic modeling. Third, short texts are usually more ambiguous. We argue that knowledge is needed in order to better understand short texts. In this work, we use lexicalsemantic knowledge provided by a well-known semantic network for short text understanding. Our knowledge-intensive approach disrupts traditional methods for tasks such as text segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, and concept labeling, in the sense that we focus on semantics in all these tasks. We conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation on real-life data. The results show that knowledge is indispensable for short text understanding, and our knowledge-intensive approaches are effective in harvesting semantics of short texts.

Numbers may have the quality of exactness. An exact number can only be produced by a sequence of exact operations involving other exact numbers—inexactness is thus contagious. The standard specifies that any two implementations must produce equivalent results for all operations resulting in exact numbers.

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Compiler Design Lecture2 -- Introduction to lexical analyser and Grammars - Продолжительность: 19:51 Gate Lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula 618 272 просмотра. 3. lexical analysis the first step at understanding a program, both for a compiler and...