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Born out of a necessity to find a camera strap that &ldquo allows me to carry a pro sized camera body with a 75-755mm f/ all day without hating my life&rdquo , Justin has succeeded in creating something practical and good-looking in his range of camera straps.

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Priced at under $65 (see latest price here ), photographers looking for an affordable solution to free up their neck and shoulders from the nuisance of a camera strap will love this neat solution.

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All products offered by Lance are made from a premium polyester cord that is pretty thick at 8mm. Honestly, it is a bit overkill for a small camera like the Olympus OM-D but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Like I said earlier, these straps will hold a heavy DSLR without issue. If you do have a heavy setup, you may want to look into some after market pads as this strap may become uncomfortable after extended use without some padding. The other option is to consider the adjustable strap as this is two straps that are connected together. Distributing the weight of your gear over two straps may be more comfortable.

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Nicht in der Stimmung für ein Umhängeband? Der Lug Handschlaufe ist für die Nutzer zu halten Ihre Kameras mit einer Hand. Verstellen der Schlaufe überall – mit der Hilfe der Stop-Bumper. Durch die Schlaufe der Band befestigt, die Bumper rastet ein und verhindert ein Verrutschen der Looped Schnur beenden, wenn im Einsatz. Neben der Ästhetik, die schwarze Gummiringe, die dem endet der Riemen. Sie sind aus hochwertigem Material und sind wetterfest. Riemenlänge, Strap Öffnung: 65,5 in, 5 Riemen Messung: End-to-End Of String Loop Gewinde und Öffnung Durchmesser: 8 mm Kordel Material: Premium Polyester Kordel Farbe: olivgrün Ring Farbe: Schwarz Stecker-Typ: 6,5 mm Schnur zum Aufhängen Gewinde

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The aptly named Simplr M6a mirrorless camera strap is made from lightweight, strong, military grade nylon webbing and heavy duty plastic hardware that won&rsquo t scratch your camera.

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Die Schnur zum Aufhängen non-adjust, zusammen mit der Zeichenfolge, die Schlaufe-, bietet die Bequemlichkeit für die Nutzer zu Austausch zwischen Träger und durch einfaches Lösen der Schnur zum Aufhängen. Der String Loops lassen Benutzer halten Ihre Kamera bequem, ohne Griff. Die Schlaufe als Ersatz verwenden, um die Zeichenfolge, die Schleife kann als Hals Handgelenk von wechselnden/Handschlaufe Combo. Neben der Ästhetik, die schwarze Gummiringe, die dem endet der Riemen. Sie sind aus hochwertigem Material und sind wetterfest. Strap Länge: 86 in Strap Measurement: End-to-End Of String Loop Faden Schnur-Ø: 8 mm Material: Premium Polyester Kordel Farbe: Schwarz Ring Farbe: Schwarz Anschlüsse: 6,5 mm String Loops

Strap lengths: 86in, 97in, 98in, custom
Strap measurement: End-to-end of spliced cords
Cord diameter: 8mm
Cord material: Premium polyester
Cord colors: Black, red, burgundy, olive green, dark blue
Ring color: Black
Connector type: 69mm stainless steel split rings

I&rsquo m a big fan of the camera wrist strap, for its ability to make the camera feel almost strap-less. Used to provide extra security from accidentally dropping your camera, wrist straps are also a great way to stabilise your shot.

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This feature alone is probably of the reasons I gravitated towards this strap system.  I often like to use my small micro four thirds cameras without a strap.  If I 8767 m casually taking photos sometimes I don 8767 t like a strap to get in the way.  With the quick connect system I can remove the strap from the camera quickly, even in the middle of a shoot.  In the same vein, if I 8767 m shooting for a while without the strap and then want to put it back on, it just takes a click.

Strap lengths: 86in, 97in, 98in
Strap measurement: End-to-end of leather
Braided leather diameter: 7mm
Braided leather material: Genuine cowhide
Leather end color: Black
Thread color: Black
Connector type: 69mm stainless steel split rings

It&rsquo s funny &ndash camera straps can actually make photography more enjoyable. Our gear might be getting lighter and lighter each year, but the need to find an efficient way to carry it on our body will always be there.

The padded, adjustable strap on fits neatly around your hand so you can hold your camera securely without worrying about accidental drops. It is also designed to stablize your camera while shooting.



Established in 2012, Lance Camera Straps is an American company based in Springfield, VA that offers high-quality braided leather and cord/rope camera straps with add-on strap accessories. Lance Camera Straps Lug Wrist Strap Cord Camera Wrist Strap - Red $. In stock. Ships from and sold by Lance Camera Straps. $ shipping. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.